Monday, June 15, 2015

Plant Life Cycles

Well Hello Summertime! We had a crazy busy end of school year this year. After 12 years teaching first grade, Erin is moving schools, and will be teaching kindergarten next year, closer to home. We've got some big changes coming up on the blog this summer, so make sure to keep checking in on us! Don't worry, we'll still keep the first grade ideas coming, but we're excited to start to share all sorts of new kinder ideas with you as well. And be sure to be looking for our new blog design. We've just started the process of looking for a great design, so if you have any recommendations, we'd love to hear about them.  But for now...

Here are some plant activities that we incorporated throughout May and into June:

We made anchor charts labeling a plant and about how plants grow.

Then our kiddos each labeled a worksheet about the parts of a flower.

Next we planted Lima Bean and Sunflower seeds in our seed viewer.
 You can check out this seed viewer {HERE}!

Our kids recorded their observations on these pages:

After our seeds had gown into plants, we transplanted them to larger pots,
so our kiddos could continue to see them grow.  

We also planted individual mammoth sunflower seeds for our kiddos.  About mid-late May when our sunflower seeds had grown into seedlings, we attached this cute little sign to craft sticks and tucked them into each pot before they went home.
Here are some great books that we read to our students while learning about plants:

We also incorporated several activities from our latest addition to our TpT store!  
You can check it out {HERE} 

This pack is a great introduction for teaching your students about plant, 
bean and/or sunflower life cycles. 

Included in this mini unit:

 -Life cycle of a plant mini book
 -Life cycle of a plant mini book answer pages

 -Life cycle of a plant mini book with blank lines

 -Cut and glue retell cards for plant life cycle

 -Cards to make your own plant life cycle anchor chart
-Plant vocabulary cards
 -Life cycle of a bean mini book
 -Life cycle of a bean mini book answer pages
 -Life cycle of a bean mini book with blank lines
 -Cut and glue retell cards for bean life cycle
-Cards to make your own bean life cycle anchor chart
 -Bean plant vocabulary cards
 -Life cycle of a sunflower mini book
 -Life cycle of a sunflower mini book answer pages
 -Life cycle of a sunflower mini book with blank lines
-Cut and glue retell cards for sunflower life cycle
 -Cards to make your own sunflower
 life cycle anchor
-Sunflower vocabulary cards. 

If you'd like a copy of our Parts of a Flower worksheet,
 you can find it {HERE}
Our Bean & Sunflower Plant Observation sheets can be found {HERE}
Our sunflower poem printables can be found {HERE}

We're also excited to announce that we are now being featured on Elementary School Blogs, a daily "blog newspaper" of the best elementary school blogs!  Stop by and check them out!
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Water Cycle

This last week was all about the water cycle in our classrooms. With such limited time for science these days, we've narrowed our weather unit down to water cycle, and are kids are loving it! We've used some great freebies before from The First Grade Parade, but these year felt like we needed some new stuff.  We started by introducing some sweet song, and making a chart as a class to introduce the water cycle.
Here are two of the songs that we sang with our kiddos.
If you'd like a copy just click on one of the pics below!

We've labeled a few pictures of the water cycle too, and made our own posters.

We have a black and white copy for your kiddos that can be found with some freebies {HERE}.

We created a water cycle in a bag using an idea we found {HERE}. The kids are really into this experiment, and were amazed when we arrived this morning and we are starting to have "clouds" forming at the top of the bag.

 We have done a great little art project where the kids got to create their own water cycle. If you'd like the printables for this, as well as some cute cards for labeling and making your own poster, you can find them {HERE.}

Here's a great video introducing evaporation, condensation, and precipitation:

And of course the first graders always love this video for fun!

Here are vocabulary cards that we displayed in a pocket chart
while learning about the water cycle.  

We ended our water cycle unit by creating mini books.
Just click the pic below if you'd like to check out our mini book!

Here's a cute interactive water cycle!
Thirstin's Water Cycle

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Career Week

Last week week our theme focus was career opportunities.  This theme tied in nicely too with our Treasures reading program theme which focused on different types of scientists.  We read several books about jobs/careers, watched a Berenstain Bears video about jobs, enjoyed a SMART Board lesson, wrote about our future careers, and ended the week by taking a field trip to visit a local eye doctor and learned about the profession.
Here are a few of the activities we incorporated into our week!

Career SMART Board lesson from Smart Exchange:

Great books to introduce a variety of jobs:

Here's the Berenstain Bears video about jobs.
We watched it on Learn360,
but it looks like it's on YouTube as well!

After creating our list of future careers, 
we completed a writing activity.

The kids began their sentences with the words,
When I grow up I would like to be...
If you'd like a copy, just click {HERE}

We'll be back toward the end of the week with some water cycle activities, so stop on by if you'd like!
Have a great week!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!  We just LOVE this time of year, and definitely are enjoying the mild temperatures that we continue to have!  We wanted to share an update with you all that we have added to our  

We've recently added a large cone along with large scoops to make a class display.  
You can print student names or numbers and attach them to the scoops as they move up.  Here's a picture of how we display our addition cone in our classrooms.  Each child has a number printed on a small piece of paper.  As he/she masters an addition fact, their number gets pinned next to the current fact he/she is working on.  A subtraction cone will be added next week since one of our first graders has made it to subtraction! 
If you've already purchased these packs, be sure to re-download!  
If you'd like to check them out, just click on one of the pictures below!

And if you'd like some place value worksheets, we've added a new freebie to our TpT store!
Since our next math chapters focus on graphing, measurement, & shapes, we still continue to have our kiddos to practice place value, numbers to 120, addition, and subtraction while playing math games, working at math centers, or completing extra practice pages.  
Here's a few place value practice worksheets along with a hundreds, tens, and ones worksheet.
Just click the picture below if you'd like a copy!

This worksheet is included in the pack above and our first graders use it with base ten blocks
We show or say a number and they show the number on this worksheet using base ten blocks.  We also put this out as a math center with number cards and our kids practice with partners.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food Group Fun & A Math Freebie

Hope you're all having a FANTASTIC February! 
 We sure are enjoying the warmer weather we've been having here!  It feels like it's spring.  
Although we definitely like the warmer weather, we sure wish we'd get a little snow this winter.  
Maybe toward the end of the month?  It's pretty unusual for our area to not even get a few snow days so our fingers are crossed!
Place value was our math focus last month, and since our kiddos needed some extra practice using the greater than & less than symbols we created a few extra practice pages.   
If you'd like to grab this free worksheet set just head {HERE}!

We've also just recently finished up learning about nutrition.

Here's a great book that we read to introduce the food groups.  It's full of great information surrounding each food group, and has great info about portions and filling your plate with healthy foods.

If you're looking for a fun song/video the MyPlate Song our kiddos really enjoyed!

And here's our food group unit that we incorporated into our nutrition lessons.

Our unit contains: 

*Food Group Find and Color
*Food Group Mini-Book
*Create Your Own Healthy Plate
*Food Group Flip Book
*Large/Small Food Group Sort
*Food Group Sort Worksheet
*Healthy Plate Homework

If you'd like to check it out, just click {HERE}!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of the week!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  We have a little math game freebie that we’d love to share with you, but first we thought we’d share about how we do math and incorporate math games into our first grade classrooms. 

Our school uses My Math, which is a pretty structured math program.  After our kiddos finish their “On My Own” page, and we have looked it over, they have a list of things they can chose from such as flash card practice or the math game of the week.  
While kids are using flash cards, or playing the math game of the week, we are able work with kids who might need some extra support on their 
“On My Own” page.    

Thursday, during the last half hour of the school day, is what we call Math Review.  During this time we incorporate math journals using our math journal prompts.  After math journals our kiddos can choose shape/pattern blocks, counting cubes, math board games, math apps on the iPad, or ixl on computers.  While our kids are at these math centers, we meet with students who have math work to finish from the week.  We also use this time to assess math skills if needed. 

And here's our freebie for you all!  We’ll be using this next week as our math game of the week.   
It’s a game called “Who has the number that is greater?”  Or “Who has the number that is less?”  
We made our game double sided so the players can decide if they want to focus on who has more or who has less.   

This is a two-player game.  Each pair will need one game board and 20-30 number cards.   The players split the cards evenly and place their cards face down in the labeled box.   
 Each player flips a card over.
Since this is the "less" side, the person with the number that is less (57) gets to keep both cards, and puts them in a separate pile. The game continues until all cards have been flipped over.  Then, both players count their cards and whoever has the most is the winner.  
Here is the back of the game board.  If playing on this side, the player with the greater number (104) gets to keep both cards.  
 We've created two options for game boards and number cards 1-120.  
If you'd like this game just click {HERE}!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lots of Short Vowel Freebies!

Hope you are all off to a great November!  We have a short week this week, so during our reading instruction we’re reviewing some short vowel sounds.  We created 28 I have Who has cards for the short vowels a, e, i, o, & u.  They’re in our store for FREE and you can chek them out {HERE} or just click the picture below!

Along with some I have who has games this week, we created a few vowel worksheets and a 5 in a row game that can be played with a partner.  These activities relate to short vowels a, e, i, & o.  We’ll be introducing the short vowel u next week.  If you’re looking for some short vowel practice pages, just click on any of the pictures below!

We also wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our addition and subtraction ice cream packs!  We’ve added black and white options for ice cream cones, scoops, and awards!  So if you’ve purchased these, be sure to re-download!  You can click the pictures below to check them out!

Have a wonderful week!