Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Getting Close To Memory Book Time and a Shape Game Freebie!

Every year we have our first graders create a memory book as a little memory of first grade.  This little product has been in our store for a while now, but we've never shared how we use it. We also have a pre-school, kindergarten and second grade version!
We've had many emails and questions about how we create a memory book with half sheets, and since it's getting close to that time of year again, we thought we'd fill you in on what we do with a few of the pages that we include in our memory books.  Below, are a few photos explaining what we do with 5 of the 12 pages in our memory book.

If you'd like to check out these books, just click the links below!

This last week our kiddos began their 2-dimensional chapter in math.  Squares, rectangles, trapezoids, triangles, and circles have been the shapes introduced to our first graders so far.  

We've created a bingo game including all five shapes that we've introduced so far.  
We'd love to share our creation with you, so you'd like a copy, just click {HERE}!

OOH and if you're looking for some Earth Day activities, you can check out our 
Earth Day Unit {HERE}!

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Writing, Some Great Children's Books & A New Product!

Well it may seem a little late to have your students complete a how to writing about building a snowman, but around here we rarely get snow and just a few weeks ago we did get snow!
And it was enough to make a snowman or two! 
 Our kiddos enjoy how to writings, especially when they know a lot about the topic, and making a snowman is a topic they DEFINITELY know about!  We read a story, watched a short YouTube video, and are just about finished with our class how to writing.  Monday the kiddos will write their own independently.  Below is the book, video and writing template :) 

We found this book on iTunes and read it to our kids on our iPads while displaying it on our Smartboards.  They love to listen to books while they're displayed, so much larger!

It's a cute little story about Caillou building
his first snowman with a friend. 

Next we watched a short YouTube video showing a
 person making a snowman.

Finally we started our shared how to writing piece.
Our kiddos helped us glue these cards in order on the chart below.

 Here's our process so far.
We shared the pen through this process, which our kids love to do!  
We're finishing this up on Monday and our first graders are going to complete their own How to Make a Snowman writing sample using this template.  
We have several options, just click the picture below to download!

We'll update tomorrow with our finished chart and some writing samples :)   

On Friday, our school will celebrate Dr. Seuss Day (March 2nd).  During the week our kiddos sign up to listen to a reader.  Then on Friday, at the end of the day, our students get to go and listen to another teacher read stories.  They have so much fun and love it!  Every year we like to find new books to read to the kids that come to our rooms!  We thought we'd share a few books that we've recently found!

We just LOVE Mo Willems around here and this book is hilarious.  We're reading the traditional Goldilocks and The Three Little Bears then reading this one to compare.  

And then there's these sweet stories.  So ADORABLE!  Sweet little Rocket is such a cute character and his teacher (the little yellow bird) is just as cute! We love reading how Rocket learns to read and write, and are sure our kids will enjoy following him on his journeys as well.  
Rocket's Mighty Words (board book) contains labels and pictures, 
which makes this book perfect for beginning readers and writers. 

 Finally, this sweet book goes well with our newest punctuation characters we've added to our store.  This story involves an exclamation point who feels that he just doesn't fit in amongst a group of periods.  After meeting a question mark, he soon cheers up and realizes he is special!  We love that the question mark always asks questions and finally gets exclamation point to say exclamatory sentences and words.

And here's our newest addition to our store!

Stop on by {HERE} and check them out!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vowels & Word Work

Well it’s been a while, but we’re back with some activiteis and a freebie that we thought we’d share with you all! 
Recently we’ve been working on understanding long and short vowels.  Our kiddos have really been doing a great job of using strategies when decoding words containing vowels.  We created this vowel book to work on in our small reading groups.  To find out more about how we do small groups and literacy centers you can go {HERE}.

The vowel book can be copied full page and stapeld into a booklet, or cut and stapled in half sheets. We added two cover page options so you can choose what works best for you.  When new sounds and words are introduced in our reading program we add them in our vowel books.   Our kids are very familiar with short vowels, and now that long vowels are being introduced, this is a great way to practice writing and reading words with long vowels.

We’ve also been listening to a few vowel videos. 
Here’s one about two vowels walking side by side.  
Our kids just love it!

Here’s another favorite about silent e:

Word work is one of our centers during our small group/literacy center time.  We’re always looking for fun and engaging word work ideas.  We like to change them up a bit from week to week to keep our kiddos engaged.  Here’s a fun guessing game we found and changed up a bit for our first graders.  We can’t seem to remember where we found it, so if you know the original source please let us know and we’ll add a link!

Here’s how our kiddos play it:
First a student chooses a partener who is also at the word work center.  If they are there alone, they can ask a child from another center if they’d like to play with them.  Then they grab a plastic baggie that contains 10 counting bears (you can use anything small) and 3-4 cups, which each have the current week's sight words written on them.  One player is in charge of placing the bears under the cups and the other player guesses where the bear is.  The players sit side by side.  The game begins by player 2 turning around while player one places a bear under a cup.  Player 2 turns back around and says the sight word on the cup that he/she thinks the bear is under.  If player 2 is correct he/she gets to keep the bear.  If player 2 is not correct, player 1 gets to keep the bear.  This continues until all 10 bears have been used.  The player with the most bear wins.  Then they can play again, but switch roles.  They just LOVE this game, and we LOVE that they’re practicing their sight words!

  We’re always in need of new word work ideas, so if you’ve got any please comment below!  We’re sure there’s others that would also like to hear about some new ideas too!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas *Freebies* and Holiday Cheer!

Is anyone else panicking that Christmas is just TWO WEEKS away? We're not sure how the time is flying by so fast, but we do what we can to keep up. We wanted to share a few quick freebies with ya'll if you need some fun holiday cheer in your room. Make sure to check out our reindeer freebies we posted last year too. 

Make sure to check out our Elf Freebies as well!

And this year we are adding our Christmas Tree Addition and Subtraction Set as well as our Christmas Fact Families. Make sure to head on over to our shop and get your copies for FREE!

If youre interested in a fun game for your holiday party, make sure to check out our newest product Christmas BINGO. Great for the classroom, home or any Christmas Party! This includes 30 different Christmas BINGO boards. Print and laminate, or copy and let the kids color and take home. Hope you enjoy!
We're sorry we aren't around as much these days, but life with our firsties, as well as our own kiddos at home just gets busier and busier. We are adding a little fanatic to our bunch this spring, as Erin is pregnant with baby #4, and due in April. But we promise we will continue to bring you fun ideas and freebies as much as we can! We love sharing with all of you, and love all of your ideas as well. We've got many more things in the works, so it shouldn't be too long before you hear from us again. Enjoy the last few weeks with your firsties before Christmas!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving themed freebies

Well we've got report cards and conferences right around the corner so this week we're finishing up assessments and managing to fit in some thanksgiving themed activities.  We though we'd share some freebies with you all in case you need some last minute Thanksgiving themed activities!

We're constantly changing up our paper practice and word work centers and always looking for new ideas.  Here's one we just created:

The first page is the code page for our kiddos to use while solving the secret word pages.  The second page contains our spelling words for the week.  If you use Treasures and are on Unit 2 week 3, then this will be perfect for you!  Don't use Treasures?  We've included a sight word page as well! Just click the pictures above to download!

ABC order is another skill we're working on with our first graders.  We have been having our kiddos sort up to eight words at a time.  Below are recording sheets and two sets of Dolch words.  The last set of eight words are our Treasures sight words for the week and the previous week.  

Just click the pages above to download!

 And finally, here's a writing prompt that we'll put out with our writing center materials this week.  
Just click the picture if you'd like a copy!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend and have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween and our kiddos are soooo EXCITED!!!  We've added a few Halloween themed activities to our lessons this week and our first graders have had so much fun!  Many of our activities have come from our new Tricks and Treats Mini-Unit.

This is our newest addition to our store and it's on sale for 20% now through Saturday.  If you're already planned for tomorrow, this is a pack that you can definitely tuck it away for next year!  
This Halloween mini-unit full of Tricks and Treats includes:

*There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat sequence activity
*Halloween Subtraction Match
*Jack-O-Lantern Addition Equations
*Halloween Vowel Sort
*Halloween Word Builders
*Halloween High Frequency Word Cards
*Halloween Game Board with Addition/Subtraction Cards
*The Runaway Pumpkin Writing Activity

Just click {HERE} if you'd like to take a peek at our newest addition to our store!

Here's an addition activity included in this pack!  

Here's a little activity we're doing tomorrow.  
We saw the idea on Pinterest, but we're not sure which site it came from.  If you know, just comment below!  We'd love to add the link to this post!  
We changed the snack mix up a bit and created a graphing and response worksheet to go with it.  
You can go {HERE} to get your copies!

Looking for more ideas for next year?  
Click {HERE} for  link to a few candy corn activities we've  done this month:

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween!